Backhus windrow turners

Composting professionals’ choice

A huge selection of compost windrow turners with a turning capacity from 500 m3 to 6800 m3 per hour.

A lot of options allow adapting the machines to your needs.

Machines equipped with cost-efficient engines.

For future users of Backhus equipment we can (without any obligation on your part):

  • Determine the size of surface you will need for your quantity of organic matter to be composted
  • Calculate the maximum capacity of an existing facility
  • Calculate the best size of surface and the best adapted machine for your quantity of organic matter to be composted
Backhus windrow turners  used for biorémediation of contaminated soil. Download presentation.

ACTUALLY IN Canada models: 14.28, 16.30, 17.43, 17.50


Backhus windrow turner 16.30
Backhus windrow turner A30
Backhus windrow turner A36
Backhus windrow turner A50-A65
Backhus windrow turner A70-A75
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